Our Mission

The mission of the Athletic Study Center (ASC) is to support student athletes in developing as independent, self-reliant and successful young adults. As an academic support unit in the Division of Undergraduate Education, the ASC is committed to the integration and engagement of student athletes into campus life. We embrace the principles of equity, inclusion and diversity as we tailor and individualize our support of students, building their competence and confidence throughout their undergraduate experience. A supportive and instructional staff provide a broad range of programs and services, including advising, tutoring and personal and professional development.

Advising Program

The Advising Program provides broad academic guidance in response to specific and individual needs of student athletes at CAL. Students are assigned to advisors according to sport.

Academic advisors assist students in:

  • Understanding, negotiating, and complying with college, university, and NCAA rules and requirements;
  • Selecting courses and majors according to individual interests and goals;
  • Resolving personal issues unique to student athletes.

As students approach graduation, advisors continue to monitor the completion of requirements and support students as they plan for graduate school and career opportunities.

Academic Development Program

The Academic Development Program of the ASC supports at-risk student-athletes to overcome barriers toward academic and personal success that are both conscious and unconscious as well as relevant in the short and long-term, with the specific intention of scaffolding support over time to ensure self-reliance and human thriving.

Tutorial Program

The Tutorial Program offers services and programs with the goal of advancing student athlete independence, self-reliance, and integration into the academic community. As an academic unit within the Division of Undergraduate Education, the Tutorial Program promotes and enhances students’ academic development through individual and drop-in tutoring, study groups, workshops, and intensive special programs. In providing these services, the ASC also works closely with the Graduate School of Education, and other academic departments on campus. Our tutors are graduate and undergraduate students who undergo rigorous teaching and training with a theoretical model where learning is framed as a social and cultural process, and where working collaboratively is emphasized. This applied theory to practice leads to better quality services while also fostering the professional development of tutors.