Cassidy Raher


163-A Chavez Student Center

Academic Advisor

Advises and assists student athletes (active, inactive, and former including Degree Completion Candidates) towards holistic development, including academic options and alternatives while understanding and complying with University, College, and NCAA rules and requirements. Provides tailored academic counseling to maximize student athlete potential and academic performance while balancing athletic and personal commitments.

Advising Sport Focus

Men’s Baseball, Crew, and Golf.
Women’s Beach Volleyball, Field Hockey, Golf, Indoor Volleyball, and Softball.


After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies with an emphasis in Sports Enterprise from the University of California, Berkeley, he went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Sport Management from the University of San Francisco. After college, he began working as a Sports Information Director at Cal before working exclusively as a full-time staff member of the Men’s Basketball Team from 2001-2003. Before joining the ASC staff as an Academic Advisor, Cassidy was an Academic Advisor for student-athletes at USC from 2003-2006. Born in San Francisco, CA, Cassidy is a former member of the Cal Men’s Basketball Team from 1996-2000.