Academic Development

The Academic Development division of the Athletic Study Center (ASC) supports at-risk student athletes to overcome barriers toward academic and personal success that are both conscious and unconscious as well as relevant in the short and long-term, with the specific intention of scaffolding support over time to ensure self-reliance and human thriving.

Desired Student Outcomes

Baseline levels of academic performance

Minimized academic failure rates among “intensive,” student-athlete population via support strategies that adhere to strict guidelines for academic integrity.

Functional skills and knowledge

Automation of skills, habits and literacies necessary for (1) maximizing academic achievement at U.C. Berkeley, (2) acting as a functional member of university community.

Critical thinking strategies for short and long-term success

Comfort with thinking and decision-making strategies necessary for (1) rigors of academic coursework and (2) managing complex demands of athletic-academic-personal life as a student-athlete in their chosen sport.

Health and wellbeing

Optimization of psycho-socio-emotional wellbeing within context of each students’ personal barriers to success.

Adaptive motivation and legitimate participation in academic community

Nurturing genuine interest and engagement in the academic process.

Critical Process Goals

Evaluation of student ability

Periodic assessment of student ability beyond traditional academic achievement measures.

Integration of theoretical and applied academic research

Formal and informal identification, synthesis, and distribution of up-to-date academic research that informs daily practice.

Dynamic collaboration with key academic support stakeholders

Open and constantly evolving lines of communication with relevant stakeholders to ensure awareness of student progress and joint action to optimize support.