Degree Completion Program

Crossing the Finish Line: The ASC’s Degree Completion Program

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Read the California Magazine article, Back in the Game, that details the purpose of the Degree Completion Program

Coordinated by Kelly Barkan, the ASC Degree Completion Program is a collaborative effort involving former student athletes, college and major advisors, Intercollegiate Athletics, the Office of the Registrar, and often other post secondary institutions. The focus of the program is the completion of the matriculation process for former student-athlete who, for one reason or another, have had his or her academic career interrupted. Former student-athletes who have exhausted their eligibility without completing their degree requirements are welcomed to do so through the Degree Completion Program. The staff within the ASC will collaborate with the student-athlete to devise a re-entry and a specific academic plan towards graduation.

Because many of these individuals are living, training, and/or competing outside the San Francisco Bay Area for much of the year, the collaborative planning and coordination of the student’s continued and persistent progress toward degree completion in a timely manner is essential.

The Degree Completion Program clearly offers a win-win-win situation. It assists the University with its promise to graduate its student athletes and guides former student athletes to achieve a personal goal that will positively affect the rest of their lives. The former student athletes academic achievements inspire and motivate the youth of the community to place a high priority on academics.

In addition, the ASC welcomes all coaches and graduated student athletes to join in our collective efforts by contacting and providing information regarding student athletes who have not completed their degrees.

For further assistance and/or information concerning requirements for re-entry process you can fill out our DCP Inquiry Form:

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or contact Kelly Barkan.

Advisors at the ASC will inform you of the available resources and help to devise a plan for the successful completion of your degree.

Furthermore, for those who are willing and able, any financial contribution is greatly valued and would be appreciated.
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