Tutorial, Additional Campus Resources

If the ASC does not have a tutor available for a course we recommend students pursue the following campus avenues for academic support:

Student Learning Center

The SLC employs 18 Professional Staff with Disciplinary Expertise, 250-300 Trained Undergraduate Peer Tutors, and 20 Graduate Student Instructors. SLC supports a global community of learners as they transition into the academic and cultural environment of UC Berkeley; facilitates students’ translation of the university’s way(s) of knowing, academic practices and structures; enlivens students’ understanding of the power and possibilities of their intellectual ideas; and encourages students to embrace and apply multiple epistemologies.

Departmental Tutoring

Various departments across campus host their own tutoring programs often led by graduate students within the discipline. Below are the department-based tutoring programs, course offerings, and links to additional information and scheduling details.

Business Administration: The Haas School of Business offers one-on-one tutoring and study groups for all of the program’s core courses. Tutoring takes place in F371 is the Undergraduate Lounge in the BofA forum.

Economics: The economics department offers tutoring Econ 1, 2, 100A/B, 140, 141.

Engineering: the engineering offers tutoring in a variety of degree requirements and engineering specific courses including: Chem 1A, Chem 1B, CS61A, CS61B, CS61C, CS70, Engineering 7, 25, 26, 27, 45; Electrical Engineering 20, 40; Math 1A, 1B, 53, 54, Mechanical Engineering c30, 40, C85, 104, 106; MSE 102; Physics 7A, 7B, 7C, 105, 110A, 137A.

Music: Drop-in offered at particular days and times (see website for the most up to date information). Students may also make an appointment for a non-drop-in time by contacting musicianshiphelp@lists.berkeley.edu. Tutoring will take place in Room 21 Morrison Hall and covers the following courses: Music 20, 49B, 50, or 51.

Departmental Paid Tutoring

The following departments offer paid tutoring. For additional information please visit the respective departmental website:

Math:  Maintains a Tutor Referral List.

Physics: Refers students to the Residence Hall, maintains a list of private tutors, and mentions the SLC drop-in hours.

Spanish & Portuguese: Maintains a list of Tutors and Translators.

Statistics: Maintains a list of Tutors and refers students to the SLC.