Q & A: International Focus

Do international students need to satisfy the University’s American History & Institutions requirement?

The AH&I requirements will be waived if you have at least 90 1/2 semester units (senior status) and hold both a current, non-immigrant visa (F is the most common) and an 1-94 departure record. You should present your visa and 1-94 record to the Office of the Registrar, before the semester is which you will graduate.

If I am an international student, have I already satisfied the foreign language requirement prior to coming to Berkeley?

An International student can fulfill the FL requirement prior to coming to Berkeley by taking the equivalent of three years of a foreign language other than the one she/he speaks. For example, if a student from France took three years of English she/he would satisfy the FL requirement (as long as the school used French as the language of instruction). I have to add that last part because there are many American schools in foreign countries that use English as the language of instruction. If your high school curriculum was taught in English, you must pass the foreign language proficiency exam offered by some departments at Berkeley.

What do I need to do upon my arrival on campus if I am an international student?

If you are a new international student, you are required to present your passport, I-94, and visa documents (I-20 or IAP-66) to the IAS Berkeley International Office. You should visit the office as soon as you arrive on campus to obtain a check-in schedule as well as additional information about the new international student orientation and other programs.