Tutor Checkout Help

Payroll Overlap

What to do when you get a notice about overlapping payroll records.


A contact record describes what you did with a student – date, times, and notes.  A payroll record tells us how much we need to pay you by describing type, date and times.

It is okay to have overlapping contact records.  This simply means you were working with more than one student at a time.  This is normal and is called a StudyGroup in our system.  This is true even if the contact records do not all start and end at the same time.  So a tutor session with one student can turn into a studygroup session if another student joins.

It is not okay to have overlapping payroll records.  This means you are asking us to pay you twice for the same time.  So if you have overlapping contact records, then you need to have only one payroll record that spans the entire time from the first contact record to the last.  Or, if one of the payroll records was an administrative type (such as GroupPrep), then you need to adjust the admin record so that it does not overlap the tutor record – even if this means splitting it in two.

Important Note:

You must use the Tutor Checkout client, not the web client.  The Tutor Checkout client manages payroll records.  The web client only manages contact records.

How to fix overlapping Payroll records (multiple contacts):

This example is for when you have two overlapping payroll records for student contacts such as:  StudyGroup, Tutor, Bridge, Drop-In.

Pay1 is from 2-4:30pm and
Pay2 is from 3-4:30pm.


Overview:  You are going to remove the contact record(s) from one of the payroll records, delete that payroll record, and then add the contact record(s) to the other payroll record.  In the example above, it would make sense to remove the Contact record from Pay2, delete Pay2, and then add the Contact(s) to Pay1.

Edit Pay2.  Click on the red-X on the student session detail (these are the contact records).  You will be asked if you want to remove or delete it.  Pick remove.  Repeat for any additional contact records listed.  The payroll record now has no students listed.  Click on the red [Delete] button (upper right corner – not shown in pic above).

Open the second payroll record.  Make sure the start and end times of the payroll record encompass the start and end times of the first payroll record.  Then click on the [Your Open Contacts] tab.  You should see the record(s) you just removed from the first payroll record.  Click on the [add] button next to each one.