Faculty Athletic Fellows Program

Enhancing the faculty/student-athlete relationship.

In Fall 2004 the ASC launched the Faculty Athletic Fellows Program where interested faculty are matched with one of the 30 intercollegiate athletic teams. The main goal of this program is to enhance the faculty/student-athlete relationship thus strengthening the student-athlete ideal while reinforcing the educational mission of the university.

Interested faculty should contact: Derek Van Rheenen.

Program Guidelines

Here are some suggestions for an effective faculty/team relationship:

Initially the coach and professor should meet to determine how the professor can best work with the coach and team. Both can determine their interest and availability to participate. The list below represents typical types of involvement:

  • Attend practice or competition
  • Travel with team for select athletic events
  • Meet with prospective recruits and/or parents
  • Meet with undergraduate students about the faculty member’s major discipline, research interests, etc.
  • Attend team banquet held at the end of season
  • Attend Student Athlete Academic Awards Banquet (held in late spring)
  • Attend Faculty Night at the Athletic Study Center (held in early spring)
  • Meet with other Faculty Athletic Fellows

Additional Thoughts

We suggest that the coach invite the faculty fellow/s to practice or a team meeting where the coach can introduce the faculty fellow/s to the student athletes on the team.

Both coaches and faculty should encourage student athletes to meet with the faculty member regarding issues such as their respective research interests. Please keep in mind that regular student contact may take time to develop. If the faculty fellow is visible at team events or functions, students will be more likely to engage academically with the faculty fellow or other faculty on campus.

It is our hope, at the ASC, that the Faculty Athletic Fellows Program will enhance the student athlete’s academic and intellectual experience at Cal.