Academic Advising

Our advising staff helps students understand and comply with University, College and NCAA rules, choose appropriate courses and majors, develop time management skills and resolve personal issues unique to athletes.

Advisors monitor the completion of breadth requirements, suggest enrichment opportunities, check progress toward a degree, explain academic services and procedures and, as graduation nears, assist them in planning for graduate school and/or investigating career options.

Advising Assignments

Students are assigned to their academic Advisor according to sport. The list below provides links to the Advisor by sport.

Mission Statement

The Advising Program provides broad academic guidance in response to specific and individual needs of student athletes at CAL. Students are assigned to advisors according to sport.

Academic advisors assist students in:

  • Understanding, negotiating, and complying with college, university, and NCAA rules and requirements;
  • Selecting courses and majors according to individual interests and goals;
  • Resolving personal issues unique to student athletes.

As students approach graduation, advisors continue to monitor the completion of requirements and support students as they plan for graduate school and career opportunities.