Guide to Academic Advisors

Student athletes have three main academic advising resources on campus. These resources include an ASC Advisor, a College Advisor and a Major Advisor. ASC and other campus advisors work together in support of student athlete success at Cal. 


ASC Advisors

ASC Advisors specialize in serving student athletes and are responsible for advising specific teams. Advisors monitor student progress to degree and NCAA eligibility requirements, recommend ASC tutorial support resources, help students understand academic policies and degree requirements, assist in major exploration and course planning, and refer students to various campus resources as needed.


College Advisors

College advisors serve all student populations on campus. Advisors educate and enforce college policies and degree requirements, assist students in major and minor exploration, provide guidance in prerequisite schedule and program planning, confirm completion of degree requirements, and refer students to campus resources as needed.


Major Advisors

Major advisors specialize in educating students on requirements and policies of their academic department. These advisors assist students in schedule planning, recommending sequencing and course combinations to complete prerequisites, provide guidance in the major declaration process, and then track and monitor student progress towards major completion. Major advisors also refer students to campus resources as needed.