Student Athlete and ASC Advisor Expectations

Student athletes can expect the following from their ASC Advisor:


  • Guidance regarding major exploration, course selection and program planning based on student interests and taking into account practice schedules

  • Information and referral regarding ASC academic support resources: undergraduate tutoring, graduate tutoring, and learning specialist support

  • Education regarding NCAA academic eligibility requirements

  • Assistance in tracking completed and remaining requirements for graduation

  • Referral to campus resources as needed, including but not limited to: L&S Advising, Major Advising, Financial Aid, Counseling Services, Career Center, Student Learning Center

  • Reminders regarding academic deadlines, policies, and eligibility requirements

  • Creating and disseminating travel letters

  • Communication with coaching staff regarding student successes and concerns

  • Assistance in proctoring of exams due to travel conflicts

  • Timely communication via email - all advisors aim to return student emails within 3 business days


ASC advisors expect the following of their student athletes:

  • Students are expected to check their Berkeley email daily and respond to emails in a timely manner - no later than 3 business days

  • First semester students are required to meet with their ASC advisor consistently throughout their first semester at Cal. The frequency of required meetings is set by their ASC advisors & coaches.

  • All student athletes are encouraged to check in with their ASC advisor at a minimum of 3 times a semester

  • All student athletes are encouraged to meet regularly with their college and major advisors.
  • When in season, students must provide professors with their travel letter at the beginning of the semester and discuss existing exam conflicts. Students are expected to complete the ASC Exam Conflict Information Form by the end of week 3, with any exam conflicts due to team travel

  • Students must attend all classes - if unable to make a class due to illness or an extenuating circumstance, students must email their professor(s) and or GSI to communicate their absence and discuss how to make up missed content etc.

  • Students should request undergrad tutoring via the ASC website as necessary at the beginning of every semester

  • Students are expected to complete weekly individual learning plans as required of them - students are required to inform academic staff well in advance if they are not able to make scheduled support meetings due to illness or extenuating circumstances

  • In preparation for class enrollment, declared students must meet with their major advisor for schedule planning prior to meeting with their ASC advisor to review completed and remaining major requirements and discuss recommended upper division course combinations

  • Students are expected to take courses around required practice times - students who wish to take courses during practice, must discuss their situation and options with their ASC advisor and get approval from their coach

  • Prior to priority enrollment, students are expected to monitor their Cal Central and address any “holds” including but not limited to financial, housing and academic holds that may prevent registering for the following semester