Program Structure

Each Head Coach and sport administrator will be responsible for ensuring that Faculty Fellow is integrated in their
program based on the structure and role delineated below.

  • The Role of a Faculty Fellow.
  • Initial meetings with Head Coaches and Faculty Fellows (may meet separately for initial meeting) to provide expectations of the program.
  • Faculty Fellow attends 15 minutes of practice at least once each semester;
    • Faculty Fellow should be introduced to the team - they can speak briefly about the program and how they can be a resource for the student-athletes.
  • Faculty Fellow should attend at least one home game;
    • Faculty Fellow can be recognized and/introduced;
    • Faculty Fellow can also sit on the bench and join the team in the locker room if the coach deems that as appropriate for his or her particular team.
  • Faculty Fellow should be invited to attend:
    • End of the Year Team Banquet