Faculty & Staff

Resources below provide information to for Faculty, Staff and other Academic Personnel that engage with student athletes in the academic space.

Travel Conflict Letter This page describes the process to create and send Travel Letters.
Academic Senate Guidelines on Schedule Conflicts Provides a link to the full Senate Guidelines, and a link to a checklist to help instructors and students comply with the guidelines (on the Center For Teaching & Learning website).
ASC Exam Proctoring Policy

The ASC directly provides, or liasons to provide, proctoring for student athletes that are traveling to a sanctioned athletic event.  This document outlines our policy.

Academic Integrity and NCAA Compliance This page provides links to the Student Code of Conduct, NCAA & Campus Policies on communication and missed class time.
Mid-Term Progress Reports Each term, the ASC asks instructors to provide status information about students.  This page describes the rationale for the requests, FERPA rights, how Athletics is related, and a Q&A section.
Faculty Fellows Program These pages describe our program that is designed to support the academic and degree progress of Berkeley’s student athletes.