Faculty Fellow Role

Role of a Faculty Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley

Faculty Fellows bring the following advantages to Varsity teams at U.C. Berkeley:

  • Institutional knowledge and history of the campus, its programs, courses, majors, etc. relevant to any student-athletes academic and intellectual and professional interests;
  • A bridge to potential research and professional career opportunities;
  • An ability to advocate for student athletes among faculty colleagues within academic departments on issues that may arise (athletic travel accommodations, proctoring, etc.);
  • A willingness to work with the coaches on how to enhance the student athlete experience.

Typical Faculty Fellow Activities:

  • Attending games, practices and team meetings, as scheduled;
  • Supporting the intentional development of an academic culture for the team;
  • Meeting with student-athletes individually and/or in groups;
  • Referring student athletes to key campus stakeholders and resources (internships, cultural group affinities, majors or minors to consider, etc.);
  • Meeting with recruits and their parents at official recruiting events or office visits;
  • Traveling with the team on special occasions;
  • Attending end-of-the-year banquets;
  • Attending the Academic Honors Luncheon in the Spring in support of their team.

There is No-One-Size-Fits-All Approach, Just Tailored Faculty Engagement

  • The specific mix of activities for each Faculty Fellow will be different, subject to the needs and interests of the team and individual athletes, as well as the particular expertise of the Faculty Fellow;
  • Each Faculty Fellow commits to support their assigned team as part of his or her campus activities, supporting the student athlete experience at Berkeley while taking pride in their academic, athletic and personal accomplishments.