"I think that the program is a vital link between the two most important worlds of the student-athletes. I see it as the hyphen in the middle! ...  First, the coach and the fellow need to have a genuine connection. Spend some time together and get to know each other and your roles in your professional lives. Then the two of you can strategize and build in time to connect to the team. Start by attending training and getting to know the SA and the sport. Coaches need to create space and time at practice for the fellow to talk with the team. That makes it easier for SA to seek out office hours and time outside of the sport. This demystifies the process and builds that bridge that many struggle with as they begin their college experience".

-Shellie Onstead, Head Coach, Field Hockey

"As a longstanding Faculty Fellow, I have found what works best are attending practices, having lunches with the student athletes, being available and willing to provide academic guidance and advice, being available to meet with recruits, and going to meets/races".

-Oliver O'Reilly, Professor and Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education, Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) and Faculty Fellow for Men's Rowing

"The benefit of the Faculty Fellows Program is the direct engagement with the academic community on campus.  Having Oliver O'Reilly come to watch practice, connect with the student-athletes on the team, and reinforce our messages about pursuing academic excellence and the importance of meeting your professors has been incredible.  Oliver is always available to meet with our student-athletes to go over an academic plan while at Berkeley or to talk through graduate school aspirations.  My advice for new coaches involved with their Faculty Fellows is to invite them to practice or competition and to integrate them into your academic messaging; your student-athletes will be motivated by the faculty taking an interest and offering to help guide them through their time at Cal".

-Scott Frandsen, Head Coach, Men's Rowing

"The benefit of the Faculty Fellows Program is providing another resource for student-athletes to turn to with questions about how to navigate balancing all the demands on their time while making the most of the academic opportunities at this great university and plan for their futures beyond Cal".

-Amanda Tyler, Shannon Cecil Turner Professor of Law & Faculty Fellow for Women's Soccer

"We feel blessed to have Amanda Tyler as our facility fellow, she is a true gem.  Professor Tyler has been an outstanding resource to our student-athletes in their academic endeavors, career path and life plan.  In Amanda our student’s have the ideal role model as they work to pair the rigors of academics and athletics...  We have made sure to make Amanda feel like she is part of our program, and she has attended many games and practices, and has gone as far as to have the team to her home, and spend time with her family.   My advice to any coach who is starting the process with their faculty fellow is to invest time to get to know them, bring them in fully to your program and encourage your student athletes to do the same.   We could not be more thankful for all Amanda has brought to our program".

-Neil McGuire, Head Coach, Women's Soccer