Academic Support Staff

The Athletic Study Center provides varying types of academic support based on the needs of the student athlete.  The structure of our Academic Support program allows us to offer tailored support to more than 400 student athletes each semester.  

Learning Specialists

Student Athletes may be assigned to work with a Learning Specialist based on incoming assessments, academic status and performance and/or specific skills development needs. Learning Specialists assist students in planning academic work, time management skills, writing development, and address motivational barriers.  They are professional full time staff members with a high level of specialized education and experience.  

Graduate Student Tutors

Graduate Tutors partner with Learning Specialists to support a specific caseload of student athletes.  They offer a high level of support in academic preparation and organization as well as time management, writing support, study skills and test preparation.  Graduate tutors also run small study groups for a variety of courses.  As part of their employment they participate in extensive training including NCAA compliance, academic integrity, FERPA, and other applicable Campus policies.

Undergraduate and Non-Student Tutors

Our Undergraduate and Non-Student Tutors provide time management, study skills and note taking development, writing support and course specific support for lower division coursework. Tutors also run study groups for a set of courses each semester. Tutors attend training seminars throughout the semester and must have a 3.0 or above GPA.  Any student athlete may request to work with a tutor by completing the Tutor Request form located in several places on our website.