Academic Senate Guidelines on Schedule Conflicts

The Academic Senate has established Guidelines Concerning Scheduling Conflicts with Academic Requirements. These guidelines focus on the handling of conflicts that arise between extra-curricular activities and academic requirements, and specifically concern the schedules of student athletes and other students with activities that compete with academic obligations.

These policies were updated in Spring 2014 to include the following statement:

"The pedagogical needs of the class are the key criteria when deciding whether a proposed accommodation is appropriate. Faculty must clearly articulate the specific pedagogical reasons that prevent accepting a proposed accommodation. Absent such a reason, the presumption should be that accommodations are to be made."

Also of note in the guidelines:

"The Athletic Study Center is another independent organization which can, in many circumstances, provide suitable proctoring services."

The full version of the Academic Senate Guidelines can be found at the following link:

A checklist to help instructors and students comply with the guidelines is available on the Center For Teaching & Learning website (link below).