Ellen Macomson

Picture of Ellen Macomson


#285E Simpson High Performance Center

Academic Advisor

Advises and assists student athletes towards holistic development, including academic options and alternatives while understanding and complying with University, College, and NCAA rules and requirements. Provides tailored academic counseling to maximize student athlete potential and academic performance while balancing athletic and personal commitments.


Ellen started working in college athletics as a tutor for student-athletes at the University of Oregon, earning her B.A. in International Studies and Political Science in 2011.  She continued working in the realm of NCAA compliance and academics while attending the University of Washington School of Law (J.D. 2017).  After passing the bar exam, she became an academic advisor at the University of Portland where she learned to appreciate soccer (though not understand it).  Outside of work, Ellen enjoys taking urban walks, cooking, and raising well-adjusted cats.