Christian Hutchin


Chavez Student Center

Learning Specialist

Oversees and provides comprehensive academic support such as time management, effective study skills, developmental writing, strategic reading, and assessment preparation for student athletes.


Christian was born and raised in Berkeley, Ca, and has been a lifelong fan of Cal Athletics. His first memory of watching a Cal basketball game was as a 7-year old sitting on the aged and paint-stripped wooden benches in the bleachers of the old Harmon Gym, when he also received his very first splinter. Before coming to UC Berkeley to become a Learning Specialist, Christian spent 7 years as a writing coach and instructional assistant teaching writing and study skills at Berkeley City College. Christian holds a BA and MA from San Francisco State University, and in his spare time plays basketball and reads history. Christian’s goal as an educator is to help students discover their own academic identities and become independent learners. He enjoys the challenges and triumphs of helping student-athletes unlock their academic potential at the foremost public university in the world.