Chris Grace


Chavez Student Center

Assistant Director & Academic Advisor

Chris oversees the Academic Advising program within the Athletic Study Center.  Academic Advisors guide student athletes toward holistic development, including exploration of academic interests while understanding and complying with University, College, and NCAA rules and requirements. Advisors provide tailored academic counseling to maximize student athlete potential and academic performance while balancing athletic and personal commitments.


Chris is a Cal graduate and former student athlete. She competed as a member of the women’s water polo team from 1997-2002 and was a team captain. She earned her B.A. degree in American Studies (2001) and her M.A. degree in Education (2002). While in school, Chris served as a peer advisor (2000, 2001) and a graduate assistant advisor (2002) in the Athletic Study Center. Upon earning her M.A. in Education, she was hired as a full-time academic advisor in June of 2002.  She is a student-centric advisor who enjoys guiding and encouraging student athletes along their path to achieving their goals. Chris is a bay area native and lives in Oakland with her husband and five children.